Comparing Image-to-Video tools: Runway’s Gen-2 vs. Stable Video Diffusion

AI generated Videos Together with AI-generated images, progress has been made with AI video generations, a topic which is still emerging and not yet as popular as language or image generation. That’s probably due to the added complexity of video generation, considering that it requires a significant amount of resources for training and execution. Moreover, […]

4 mins read

Depth-Infused Parallax Images and Videos using IPAdapters and Stable Video Diffusion

In this tutorial I will guide you through a workflow for creating an image with a depth perspective effect using IPAdapters. This image can later be animated using Stable Video Diffusion to produce a ping pong video with a 3D or volumetric appearance. All of this in a single ComfyUI workflow. It generally gives good […]

6 mins read

Stable Video Diffusion Revealed: 2 Impressive Image to Video Models (With a Catch) has just made waves in the world of generative AI by introducing Stable Video Diffusion, the latest image to video model built upon the successful Stable Diffusion image model. Research Preview and Accessibility Stable Video Diffusion is now available for researchers and enthusiasts to explore in a research preview. They’ve generously made the code […]

4 mins read