A Near Real Time Canvas with Fast LCM: Sketch to Image with Stable Diffusion

Transform your drawings into AI-generated images almost instantly with this user-friendly interface. It’s as easy as sketching your ideas, and combined with LCM models, it will produce stunning images in just a matter of seconds. Unlike traditional Stable Diffusion models, LCM models are lightning-fast, making the AI creative process smoother and more efficient.

4 mins read

LCM: Lightning-Fast AI Generations with Latent Consistency Models and ComfyUI

What are Latent Consistency Models? Latent Consistency Models (LCMs) represent a significant advancement in the field of generative models, specifically following Latent Diffusion Models (LDMs). Developed by researchers from the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences at Tsinghua University, LCMs are designed to address the slow iterative sampling process of LDMs, enabling rapid inference with minimal […]

6 mins read

Who Needs a GPU? Discover the Power of Stable Diffusion using CPU Only with FastSD!

Are you eager to generate stunning images but lacking a powerful GPU? FastSD CPU is the perfect solution for this. This simple tool, based on Latent Consistency Models, allows you to swiftly create high-quality images on your CPU with Stable Diffusion, without the need of a GPU. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process […]

4 mins read