SDXL Lightning ComfyUI: Speed and Quality Combined

Intro SDXL-Lightning is one of the latest text-to-image generation model, known for its lightning-fast speed and relatively high-quality results. It utilizes a technique called Progressive Adversarial Diffusion Distillation, resulting in efficient generation of high-resolution (1024px) images in just a few steps. The model has been open-sourced as part of research, and it offers various configurations […]

4 mins read

A GLIGEN UI for Precise AI Image Compositions

Generate images with stable diffusion with incredible precision thanks to Gligen, enabling you to choose where to place single elements within a picture. A user-friendly interface supported by ComfyUI will elevate AI image generation to a new level of creativity and control. Let’s explore how to download and install these tools! Introduction GLIGEN, or Grounded-Language-to-Image […]

7 mins read

Stable Cascade: A New Model That Can Generate AI Images Better And Faster

Stable Cascade is a new kind of image generation model, built on a design called W├╝rstchen, and it works differently from other Stable Diffusion models. Stable Cascade can generate high-quality images using fewer resources, and it excels at incorporating text within images. Let’s explore how to run it using ComfyUI, which supports it natively! About […]

8 mins read

AI Text Animation with QRCode Monster and AnimateDiff

Introduction In this article, I would like to show you how to utilize Stable Diffusion to create AI text animations for captivating effects and smooth transitions with words. The creation of the input animation does not require any AI tools; you can use sites like Canva or Python for a more technical approach. Afterward, we […]

7 mins read

Image Interpolation With Stable Diffusion: Steerable Motion Walkthrough

Recently, I stumbled upon a great ComfyUI workflow on OpenArt that allows you to create animations from multiple input images using the Steerable Motion custom node. In this article, I will show you with a walkthrough to help you understand how the workflow operates, so that you’ll be able to interpolate images and generate animations. […]

8 mins read

Face Detailer to Fix Faces in Stable Diffusion for ComfyUI and SD WebUI

Generating AI images sometimes requires many attempts until an almost perfect image is achieved. Distorted faces, missing details, and unnatural expressions are common issues that could potentially ruin an otherwise great picture In this article, I will introduce you to Face Detailer, a collection of tools and techniques designed to fix faces and facial features. […]

5 mins read

AnimateDiff to Create Amazing Animations With ComfyUI: A Full Guide

Here, I am sharing a new tutorial, this time on generating animations using Stable Diffusion, AnimateDiff (V1, V2, and V3), and ComfyUI. I will start with the most basic process and then gradually introduce additional functionalities to offer better control over the generated animations, including prompt traveling and control net. Introduction To follow along, you’ll […]

12 mins read