Midjourney V6 Announced: Sharper, More Detailed, and Realistic

Better at understanding long and complex prompt instructions, Midjourney V6 can generate text accurately and produce extremely realistic images. It’s a bit slower but much more powerful — now in alpha test. If you haven’t heard about it yet, Midjourney is one of the first AI image generators available, transforming text prompts into pictures, similar […]

7 mins read

VideoPoet: The Language Model by Google For Video Generation

VideoPoet is a simple modelling method that can convert any autoregressive language model or large language model (LLM) into a high-quality video generator. Sounds complex? Let’s creak it down. VideoPoet is basically a model based on a clever technique introduced by Google that turns ordinary language models (like Gemini or ChatGPT) into video creators, with […]

4 mins read

Mistral AI and Its Innovative Mixtral 8x7B Model: Insights into the Paris-Based Tech Firm

Big news in the world of generative AI! Mistral AI, a startup based in the heart of Paris, has just landed a massive €450 million investment. This incredible financial boost has skyrocketed the company’s worth to an astounding $2 billion. It’s a game-changer, not just for Mistral AI, but for the entire European AI scene, […]

5 mins read

Stable Video Diffusion Revealed: 2 Impressive Image to Video Models (With a Catch)

Stability.ai has just made waves in the world of generative AI by introducing Stable Video Diffusion, the latest image to video model built upon the successful Stable Diffusion image model. Research Preview and Accessibility Stable Video Diffusion is now available for researchers and enthusiasts to explore in a research preview. They’ve generously made the code […]

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