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AI Music and Songs with Suno AI V3: Generate Beautiful Songs from Text

For the first time, I’ve been left impressed by a sound generated by an AI. Well, it’s almost a fully ready song rather than just a sound. I simply typed a short sentence to Suno AI V3, and that was enough to generate a 2-minute song, complete with proper lyrics!

Suno AI V3

This incredible feat was made possible thanks to Suno.ai, especially with their latest V3 release. Their interface resembles Spotify’s, allowing users to input a text prompt, which then generates two songs based on the input.

suno ai Ui interface
suno.ai user interface

Generations are very fast, I would say it takes less than 30 seconds for two songs — not bad! You can play and share them (including download).

About Suno

Suno is a company based in Cambridge, MA, that aims to democratize music creation. They envision a future where anyone, regardless of musical background or skill level, can easily create great music using their platform. Suno eliminates barriers between individuals and the songs they dream of making by allowing them to translate their musical ideas directly from their minds into music, without the need for traditional instruments.

The team behind Suno consists of both musicians and artificial intelligence experts, many of whom have previous experience at notable tech companies like Meta, TikTok, and Kensho. Their company culture revolves around a passion for music and sound experimentation, evident from informal discussions in the lunchroom to dedicated studio sessions in their office. They welcome individuals who are passionate about coding, music-making, and coffee, but also those who may not fit into any specific category but share a love for music and experimentation. Overall, they are open to hearing from anyone interested in joining their team or collaborating with them.

Some examples

Well, let’s listen to some of “my” latest songs that I made with Suno AI V3, which is the latest version made available:

a 90s ithalodance song, with a very melodic chorus and intro 

a powerful rock song with violin

It even generates a simple cover, and you can organize these songs into playlists, and listen to all the songs that are being generated by others. Moreover, you can extend a generated song if you liked it and even remix it. This means that it will reuse the text and settings of the original song, and you can make some modifications to it. Pretty neat!

Honestly, this seems exciting and potentially disruptive for many businesses. What will happen now? I don’t think that pop stars will go away anytime soon, but let’s wait and see while we explore this amazing new technology, looking forward to testing Suno AI V3 with many different prompts and genres.

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